J. Downey 06 Nov 2017
The movers that showed up were incredibly helpful. They didn't rest until the job was done, just ploughed on and completed everything to a high standard. No wonder Moving to Finchley have such a good reputation.
Brendan Walker 18 Jul 2016
If you are moving to a new office, call Removal Company. I have used their services twice now to relocate to a new office building and both times they have done an incredible job. They work hard and give the best results, guaranteeing that any business removal goes smoothly.
Hattie G. 06 Jan 2015
The single best moving experience I've ever had - right through from my student days to big family moves. FinchleyRemovals proved themselves to be wonderful service providers and were much better than I am at packing in a secure and logical manner. Having never opted for a comprehensive package like this before, I was pleased to find that there was nothing that the removals team wouldn't do. Packing up my books and wrapping my crockery was all no problem whatsoever - very happy customer indeed!
R. Huw 03 Dec 2014
Between work and kids, my husband and I had no time to arrange our house move. Lost and despairing, we had to ask for professional help. FinchleyRemovals came to us a recommendation to us from a friend who had moved recently and we thought we would give them a try. I am so glad we did! They took the pressure off the shifting for me and completed the work with such dedication that I had nothing but praise for the final result.
Nora Jenkins 12 Nov 2014
I was moving in with my daughter and wanted my possessions divided between my new home and the rest stored for a while. I hired FinchleyRemovals to do the move and relocate my belongings. They were great as in a way there were two trips to sort out. This wasn't a problem and everything went without any damage or hold ups. I also arranged for the additional packing services and help unpacking. Nothing was too much the workers were friendly and polite. A great job and fair price.
Marie Hatter 10 Sep 2014
Thanks to all the boys at FinchleyRemovals for moving my stuff to my new house in London. I was not looking forward to the move at all because I really hate moving and usually it's really stressful. Luckily, everything turned out ok and I am so happy I picked this company for house removals. If I move again I would definitely hire them again. I have recommended this company to everyone I know. All in all, a brilliant company! Thanks very much for your help!
Julianne 13 Aug 2014
This company is superb. Everything was done with care but also the necessary speed because we were moving a long distance away in the south-west. Luckily, the weather was good which made things easier but also the removal men were what I would call professional, that's to say in terms of appearance they looked professional and they obviously knew how to handle and carry different items to and from the removal truck without damaging anything. I couldn't have asked for a better day and for that I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at FinchleyRemovals especially the great removal guys.
Lucas D. 25 Jul 2014
Thanks to FinchleyRemovals and their fantastic staff my office move went as smoothly as I could have ever hoped for! I was looking forward to moving into my new office but moving day was causing me a lot of stress. I chose this company after reading about their experience in office removals, and their skills shone through when moving day finally rolled around. From being careful with my office equipment to managing to carry things down the many stairs, there was nothing that they could have done better. I'm really happy with this service and couldn't be more grateful!
Roger Gray 07 Jul 2014
An international removal is one of the hardest things to organize that I have come across. This time round I used FinchleyRemovals as a help, given how busy I have been recently. I found that they were amazing in terms of ensuring that I was well catered for and that I had no trouble with sorting anything out beyond what I had to supply them with as far as information went. I would highly recommend the team to anyone who needs a really good removal to another country, without the hassle of sorting it themselves.
Angela Marcel 11 Jun 2014
I'm a book collector and as such often have to transport large consignments of books to either self-storage facilities or other collectors. As I'm no spring chicken at this point I can no longer undertake the work myself. FinchleyRemovals were recommended to me, and I'm delighted because I've found a service provider for life! They put me at ease and demonstrated they had worked in this field before. They helped me move several thousand bulky and valuable hardbacks to a storage unit many miles away. I did not accompany them but they always responded to my messages speedily.
Paul Green 13 May 2014
If you have ever moved before you will know that it does tend to be costly game. If you don't have bags of money, but still want to find effective, affordable removal services, I definitely recommend FinchleyRemovals. I have used this company time and time again for my move and never once, have they let me down. I understand the challenge of getting your hands on a decent removal company. But I can assure you that if you hire these guys, you will be amazed by what they can do! All in all, well recommended.
Phyllis L. 29 Apr 2014
There's few companies who I go out of my way to recommend, but FinchleyRemovals are definitely one of them. They seem to just be one step ahead of the moving process at all times and I cannot recall a time at which I have ever moved home and it has been just this simple. And to top it all off, they managed to save us quite a bit of money compared to the original quotes which we got from several other moving companies. In this day and age, it's nice to see a company care about their customers quite so much.
Brandon L. 19 Feb 2014
I really can't believe I am writing a review about self-storage, but here goes. The trouble is FinchleyRemovals are just so damn good. It is really difficult to fault them on any level - the price is good, the location is even better, and whenever we have any requests of questions the staff are fantastic. So what more could you ask for? A decent service is worth telling others about in my opinion, and I have never found better than FinchleyRemovals when it comes to self-storage. They are happy to provide free quotes, so if you need some extra space what are you waiting for?!
H. Andrews 10 Nov 2013
I'm really pleased to recommend FinchleyRemovals to anyone out there who needs a team of removals experts that will be able to ensure a great move every time. These guys know what it takes in the removal game, and will be there to meet your every need; from planning, to packing to lifting and shifting, it is all easily done by this team. The guys were really helpful throughout and I cannot complain as to the price, it seemed like good value to me! A great job done well, with no hassle and no fuss.
Samuel Pratt 22 Oct 2013
Knowing that it was going to be a real nightmare, I approached the move that I did recently with a lot of caution. Talking to FinchleyRemovals I knew I had found the right company for me. They made me feel at ease from the outset, and were great with handling every one of my needs, from answering questions, to checking over my packing. Everything was safe and sound upon arrival and me and my wife really enjoyed having the team around, as they were a lot of fun, and very amusing. Thanks for an amazing job done well.